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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas gathering

I love Jo's place. It is lovely, cozy and the swimming pool is my daughter's favourite! Except for the location (up north), everything about her place is perfect and wonderful.

Before leaving to Jo's place. Her surfer suit. Her doll spoiled her stylo image haha.Add Image

Our lovely offsprings. They are all watching Barney.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More new toy to play with

Don't you love December? With all the nice Christmas decor and lightings everywhere and listen to cozy (I called it cozy because it gives me a warm feeling) Christmas song playing when you go to shopping mall, supermarkets etc, really bring you into the mood of the festive season. What I love most is of cos the cosmetic set that is package especially for this festive season!

Oh I couldn't resist the Beaute de Kose set. Everything inside is so pretty and I have to get it. And another Kanebo Coffret Dor palatte in 02 (blue). The SA told me that once the existing Coffret Dor palattes are sold out, they will not have it at their counter anymore. Though I am not a fan of blue, but I just have to get it cos it is so shimmery and pretty.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

How I love the Zoo

How many times have I been to the Zoo this year? I have lost count because we have the friend of zoo card! Better make good use of it for the $150 annual fee. We have a close contact with the animals. .
Look closely, the snakes are staring at me.

With the Zebra. I love her surfer short.

Constance was playing with her swim suit in the Zoo and then misplace it. So when we bring her to the new waterplay, we just let her go nake with the surfer short haha, how sexy. Didn't take any picture thought but she truely enjoy herself at the waterplay.
My love for Lunasol. It is a very expensive cosmetic line from Kanebo IMAO and some items sold out will not be re-stock! Furthermore, there is only 1 and only counter at Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City.
From the Sheer Contrast collection. Wanted to get the neutral palatte from the Lighting collection but sold out already. So sad.

Limited Edition powder.

Also bought some blusher from Watson at Ngee Ann City. Canmake and Gransenbon, both from Japan.
Gransenbo no. 12

Monday, December 01, 2008

My Christmas present

I got these from Adrian for Christmas. Maquillage Christmas collection.

The eyeshadows from the black casing have silver glitters.

This one has gold glitters.

Saturday at my favourite Kim Gary in Vivo City. Adrian said we shouldn't come here again next time so that we can explore other restaurants. So difficult to kick off the 'habit'.

Her favourite cow. Everytime we are inside a shopping mall, she will ask me where is the cow. She thought every mall has a cow haha. She gets to ride on the cow with her favourite cat.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Japanese brand of cosmetics, my new love!

I am back from my Hong Kong trip last saturday but I am so busy at work that I have no time to blog. Here are the haulage from the trip. Should have bought more but with a pair of eyes (my husband) staring at me from behind, I dare not haha. I will be back for more again in future!

Primers. The purple and green bottles are from an unknown brand, buy 1 get 1.

I found a NARS counter at one of the shopping malls in Mongkok, told Adrian that I want to stay there next time (cosmetic paradise!). Oh my goodness, I wanted so much to buy everything from NARS but NARS is so expensive so I bought 2 blushes in Orgasm and Madly. The Super Orgasm is too glittery. I saw a big Sephora poster in Mongkok too, but no time to go find out where exactly it is located. Anyway Sephora is coming to Singapore, so excited!

La Mer eye cream which I bought for $260+ at T3 before flying off to HK. Heard alot of good reviews about this eye cream but I don't see anything significant difference after using it. Anyway, for the amount of money I spent on this, I better use it religiously!

SANA concealer and MUFE concealer palatte. So regret not getting the MUFE Aque eye pencil!

Brow tint that I bought from HK Sasa. I love the Sasa there and they have many Sasa outlet around that open till 11pm. I love their Watson too which carry cosmetics like KATE, Lavshuca and Majolica and they open till 11pm as well.

Aren't they beautiful?

HK night scenary is so beautiful and I like the weather there, so cooling but my skin couldn't stand the dryness and gets very itchy even after I apply tons of body lotion. I apply body lotion on Constance too, not sure she feels the dryness and itchness or not but I apply for her just in case. I am so glad that she has no problem taking the flight to HK and bring her oversea is so easy and she eats whatever porridge I cooked for her using my trusty Tiger thermal flask. What I like most about HK is their wanton noodle and cosmetics! Buying cosmetics in HK is definitely cheaper then getting the same thing here in Singapore. It is very difficult for me to shop for clothing with Constance around.

Here are 2 photos I took using my mobile camera, we had a hard time waking her up every morning in HK. She could sleep way past 10am if we didn't lift her up in a sitting position to wake her up. Calling her or shaking her just couldn't wake her up at all! On our last day, I had to carry her, load her into her stroller, carry her into the taxi and reload her into the stroller when we reach HK airport around 8.30am and she didn't wake up until we are about to check in at the terminal! Amazing baby!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Exam is Over...YEAH!

Yup, my exam is finally over, I had a new hair cut and I flying off to Hong Kong for holiday next Tuesday. I am switching to relax mode now haha but I have piles of work for me to do at work...don't care, enjoy first and work later =P
I enjoyed studying at home so much until I really don't feel like coming back to work anymore, work = no money, and no money = no shopping. I cannot help lemming about getting these items =P

Fasio double dazzling eye. I want to get all the colors. These palattes are very shimmery and sparkling. Very tempted to buy them now but decided to save my money for HK trip.

Snow Magic Blusher & Highlighter Palette from Laneige.

Paul & Joe pressed powder N. The face powder is quite shimmery as well but the casing is so beautiful?

Contrasting High Light from Lunasol Kanebo

Contrasting Shade Cheeks from Lunasol Kanebo
Tone Up powder from Lunasol Kanebo.

And some other items from Shiseidos. So into Japanese cosmetics these days. Crazy me! Hope to get these items cheaper in HK.

First time on the Singapore Flyer on our Anniversary on 1 Nov.

To Hortpark. I couldn't study when she was at home.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What's your weekends like?

Mine was an extremely busy and restless one.

On Saturday, waterplay at Constance's weekend class. Next week will be swimming...

On Sunday, she woke up at 6+am and couldn't go back to sleep. So I decided to bring her to Science Center Mcdonalds to have a hotcake breakfast. But before we head to Science Center. I brought her back to my office to search for my missing thumbdrive. My school assignments are in that thumbdrive! I still couldn't find it...

See how messy my workstation is!

After breakfast.

On Sunday afternoon, to the Fidget, a huge playground, at Turf City. This place is too challenging for me (not for her). She has no problem running around, getting excited and enjoying herself very very much. As for me, I have to chase after her, make sure she tackle each obstacle safely. My whole body is still aching. Nonetheless, I will bring her here again since she love it so much. Next time, I will ask daddy to climb the obstacle with her haha. Daddy is finally back from Australia!

Oh, I enjoyed spending quality time with Constance while Daddy was away. On Monday, was a public holiday, I spent the day watching TV with her at home. Yes, finally she could sit still with me to watch a Movie of Finding Nemo haha. I also taught her how to fix a 2-piece puzzle. She couldn't fix the puzzle on her own but everytime fixing the puzzle, she would ask me to help her by saying "Mummy please teach Tong Tong". I hope she can do it on her own but how can you resist not helping her when she said those words.

Finally, MAC 2008 holiday collection...Passions of Red warm palette and cool palette.

Isn't the gem box lovely? I have so many eyeshadows already, I also don't know why I keep on buying...I can't help it. I have just called MAC to reserve the She Said Red Mineral eyeshadows...

Btw, I won't be update this blog for the next 2 weeks. 'Cos, my exams are coming *Boohoo* and I need to start my revision "soon"! But, after my examinations, I will have 1 1/2 months of term break, YEAH! Hmmm, maybe I will do a post to display all my makeup about that?